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Just some bits and bobs to help you acquainted with how the Boia Festival works…

Will a weekend ticket give me access to every show? +

Yes! With your wristband you move between venues and see who you want to see. This is definitely the best and most inexpensive way to enjoy the many acts on offer, especially if you plan to hang around for the entire weekend.

Can I buy a day ticket? +

As the festival is strictly limited to a small number of people a small number of day tickets will be on sale after the first wave of weekend tickets.

Can I get into every show? +

You have access to all of the programmed events with your weekend wristband. If you’ve bought a ticket for a certain day then that’s the one you’ll gain entry to. The ticketed venues (City Hall & Tabernacle) have similar capacities, so in theory you should be able to watch every show in those two venues. If you’re super keen to see a certain artist then make sure you get to the specific venue ahead of time!

Do any of the main acts overlap between venues? +

We’ve programmed the festival between the two ticketed venues, City Hall and Tabernacle. It’s a two minute walk between venues and we’ve staggered the acts so when one act finishes at one venue, another will start in the other venue. This way you can potentially see all of the acts, if you have enough energy!

Do you offer family or Children tickets? +

We don’t! However, St Davids is a really lovely place to visit and the festival is small so we’ve decided that kids under 12 go free! They must be accompanied by an adult at all times though. Just make sure you add the child to your weekend ticket at the checkout.

How do I buy tickets for the Boia Trail events? +

You don’t. That’s right, there are no tickets for sale, it’s all FREE! wander from venue to venue on our free trail element of the festival. Most of the artists will be listed, but there will be some surprises! Keep an eye out for the black boards at each venue with the daily listings and times.

Is accommodation included? +

Boia festival is a City wide event, accommodation is up to you to arrange and is NOT included in the ticket price.

What about camping? +

We are not coordinating any camping. But there are some campsites dotted around locally. It’s worth calling ahead of time to confirm opening times.

I’ve bought a weekend/day ticket, where do I get my wristband +

You arrive in St Davids. You go to the City Hall. Show your digital ticket, in exchange you’ll receive your wristband. You can attend any and all of the shows.